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Breast & Nipple Toys

Breast & Nipple Toys

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The Rack Compactor

Price $57.99

The Rack Compactor is designed for some cold, hard breast torment. Once your sub is properly restrained, you can place the stainless steel crossbars above and below their breasts and begin to tighten the screws.

Viper Nipple Suckers

Price $9.99

These Viper Nipple Suckers will take your nipple play to the next level These suckers create a vacuum on the nipple and surrounding area for an erotic feeling of suction that often results in larger, more sensitive nipples.

Size Matters Nipple Boosters

Price $11.99

The Size Matters Nipple Boosters can enlarge and stimulate your nipples. Suction and increased blood flow to the nipples increases sensitivity and pleasure. Simply place them over the nipples and squeeze the bulb.

Dragon's Orbs Nubbed Silicone...

Price $19.95

These textured magnetic spheres will give you a pinch of pleasure This set comes with two silicone-coated orbs that may appear small, but pack some serious pressure. Once placed on sensitive flesh, the magnets begin to yearn for their partner. 

Mag-Points Magnetic Clamps

Price $34.95

Catch their naughty bits in your crosshairs Experience piercing pleasure from these magnetic clamps. The gun metal finish and distinct shape create an attractive appearance that looks like a real piercing, but feels like a pinch.

Sterling Monarch Nipple or Labia Vice

Price $21.99

Submit to your deviant desires with this timeless classic. The Sterling Monarch Nipple Vice from esin.M provides a light initial sensation until the chain is pulled. They become increasingly harsh, clamping down harder as more pressure is pulled on the chain.