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Sex Restraints

Sex Restraints

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Strict Leather Luxury Burgundy...

Price $68.99

Dress your submissive lover up in an elegant and luxurious set of wrist cuffs from Strict Leather. Durable and secure, these essential accessories were designed with exquisite detail in mind. Featuring a locking buckle that allows you to keep your precious play thing under lock and key, these premium leather cuffs are narrower for a more stylish fit. 

Easy Access Spreader Bar System

Price $44.00

This ultra comfortable and versatile restraint system has everything you require in a spreader bar Each of the four cuffs are made of heavy duty nylon on the outside and gentle neoprene on the inside. Secured by Velcro closures so that they fit almost any size, you will be held in place...

Hog-Tie Restraint System

Price $48.99

Assume the position Put your pet into your ideal configuration of limbs with this hog-tie system Four adjustable cuffs are lined with padding for the comfort of your submissive as you bind them up Restrain them from the front or put them on their belly for a classic hog-tie.

Strap Linked Bondage Cuffs - Ankle

Price $29.99

These bondage ankle cuffs will keep your submissive partner comfortably and safely confined while you live out your fantasies. The inner lining is genuine leather for the luxurious sensation against your lovers ankles, and padded so that your sessions can last as long as you want.

Hospital Style Restraints - Ankles

Price $234.99

Restrain your prisoner and keep them in their place with this high quality set of medical restraints. Made of high quality tan leather and woven canvas, your patient can struggle all they like. These straps and cuffs were made to hold tight. 

Deluxe Bed Restraint Kit

Price $61.99

Strap your partner down to the bed and turn them into your personal submissive pet Instantly transform your bed into a piece of bondage furniture, perfect for opening your lover up, spread eagle.

Ouch! Leather Hand and Leg Cuffs

Price $39.99

Looking for a hogtie cuff set that can do it all and is made to play hard? Look no further. The cuffs of Ouch have quality leather straps with elegant stitching down the length of the straps. They are comfortable but incredibly secure. 

Frisky Handle Me Wrist Cuffs

Price $27.99

With the Frisky Handle Me Wrist Cuffs, you are one hot captive These fashionable cuffs are accentuated with sexy black velvet, and made of durable faux leather material that is secured with heavy duty Velcro closures. 

Bound In Chains Stainless Steel...

Price $412.00

Lock up your lover in a unique set of stainless steel body restraints Six pieces make up this fully customizable system: two ankle cuffs, two wrist cuffs, a collar, and a waistband. Five chains connect each cuff, as well as the collar or waistband.