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Collar with Nose Hook

Price $60.00

This unique humiliation piece offers an ideal opportunity for control and restraint. Attached to a standard leather collar, the nose hook is designed to keep your sub standing at attention, eyes forward, head back.

Strict Leather Luxury Locking Collar

Price $52.99

Dress your submissive lover up in an elegant and luxurious collar from Strict Leather. This essential accessory was designed with exquisite detail in mind, featuring a unique locking system that allows you to keep your precious play thing under lock and key. 

Padded Locking Posture Collar with Leash

Price $41.99

Add some high protocol to your BDSM scenes with a posture collar and leash Keep your partner upright so that all their best assets are on display. The height of the collar will ensure that their chin is lifted at all times. Padded and adjustable, the collar is comfortable and fits most submissives, slaves, or curious lovers. 

Crimson Tied Collar with Leash

Price $25.99

Allow yourself the freedom of relinquishing control with the Crimson Tied Leash and Collar Set from the Master Series. The collar features a sleek and sexy red and black embossed design, and is lined with soft padded neoprene. 

Tom of Finland Neoprene Collar

Price $54.99

This sturdy Neoprene collar offers comfortable restriction with classic style. Double layered for strength, it features a metal plate that spells out Tom of Finland on the side. There is a D-ring attached to the front, just waiting for the matching leash, sold separately. 

Jolt Electro Puppy Trainer Shock Collar

Price $111.99

This devious trainer device provides plenty of shock for your pup. Offers effective training via electro stimulation, vibration, audio tones, and visual cues. There is a corresponding button for each training method on the long-range wireless remote.