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Inflatable Dildos

Inflatable Dildos

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Primal Inflatable Dildo

Price $47.99

Fill them up with this amply sized inflatable dildo from Master Series. The dildo will expand inside you for an amazingly full feeling and an incredible stretch. The firm core allows you to use it inflated or uninflated for more size options.

Renegade Inflatable Dildo

Price $41.99

The Renegade Inflatable Dildo is designed to fulfill your naughty desires. With each squeeze of the integrated hand pump, the ridged shaft and bulb base inflate and increase in girth and stiffness for a full sensation

Expander Inflatable Strap On

Price $53.99

This one size fits most harness system comes with stretchy straps, and a semi realistic dildo which expands to fill your partner. Just use the medical style hand pump to inflate the dong to a thicker, more satisfying size. 

Sit-and-Ride Inflatable Seat with...

Price $56.00

Take a seat on this ultra powerful piece of instant sex furniture. Just inflate this comfortable cushion and get ready for a pounding. You control the strength of this vibrating dildo while you ride it hard and fast or slow and sensually.

Tom of Finland Toms Inflatable...

Price $69.95

Is there even such a thing as too much dick? Find out the answer to that question with this enormous, inflatable dildo. The squeeze bulb is easy-to-use, with a pressure valve that keeps the air in when you want it, but quickly releases it as soon as you have had enough.

XXL Inflatable Dildo

Price $50.99

Let this XXL inflatable dildo carry you away to ecstasy on a cloud of air. The solid rubber skin allows for the firmness needed when driving such a large dildo home, but remains malleable once inflated, allowing the air inside to flex and curve with your body. 

Pumper Inflatable Hollow Strap On

Price $65.00

Pump up this hard cock and enjoy a swollen, hot rod to pound your partner with Made of a thin layer of supple silicone over a firm, hollow shaft, this body safe and realistically styled cock works with or without an erection Pump the easy to use removable bulb to add more and more girth.